SEA062 FIJUKA – COLD BRAT release date: APR 17 (digital) distribution: Rough Trade

fijuka_johannes_sawerthal2It’s the herald of a new Fijuka album out this fall: Cold Brat. Cold Brat is a woman who does as she pleases, even if her surroundings might disagree with her actions. The song tells a story of independence, but also of recklessness, of reluctance and anguish, but also of desire and freedom. The interaction between Ankathie’s voice and Judith’s bass translates this contrast into music. On this release, the two are backed by Ivo Thomann (Nowhere Train, Barefoot Basement) on drums and Patrick Stürböth (Powernerd) on synthesizer. They recorded with producer Alex Beitzke in the legendary Dean Street Studios on London. Due to rather champagne-induced recording sessions, the band even spent a few nights on the Dean Street couch, where Pink Floyd had already placed their kind of talented behinds a couple decades before (we can’t guarantee it’s the exact same couch though). The video for Cold Brat was shot in the Schafbergbad in Vienna.

Clemens Schneider_Fijuka_1000px-1

 Fijuka are Ankathie (voc./synth.) and Judith Filimónova (bass/voc.). This Austrian-German duo met at a workshop called “women in pop music” in art school in Vienna and, after a lot of hanging about in sinister dive bars together, made plans to form a band. Both already had experience in various bands and music projects but not until Fijuka did they fully follow their vision of pop music. It is a multi-instrumental experimental pop, always trying new ways of creating sound. Fijuka was formed in early 2011, released their debut EP Behave (From Now On) in April 2013 and their self-titled album later the same year.